Stefanik Climate Resolution Spearheads New Generation of Clean Energy Leadership

When it comes to strengthening the renewable energy industry and addressing our climate challenges, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (NY-21) is a leader that a new generation of Americans can look to for commonsense solutions. Through her work to address climate change, Stefanik is carrying the torch on a resolution of critical importance to the future of our nation that enjoys broad-based support across the country.

In 2015, Congressman Chris Gibson introduced a resolution that acknowledged humans beings have had a role in climate change and called upon Congress to work to mitigate its effects. While the resolution enjoyed broad support among a select group of Republicans in the House of Representatives, his retirement at the end of the 114th Congress caused many to worry that this torch wouldn’t be passed to a new leader…that was until Congresswoman Stefanik came along.

Her support for the continuation of this resolution in a new Congress not only demonstrates that she is assuming the mantle of Chris Gibson’s  legacy on environmental stewardship, but also proves that she is listening to conservatives who want to see Republicans taking decisive action on clean energy reform.

In fact, national survey research spearheaded by Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES) in 2016, found notable trends in public support for clean energy solutions. The polling showed:

  • Most voters, including about half (48%) of Republicans and more than two-thirds (67%) of independents,believe the climate is changing and the federal government should step in to cut greenhouse gases.
  • Also, morethan eight-in ten (86%) of American voters between the ages 18 and 29 are more likely to vote for a candidate who backs clean energy.
  • Three-quarters (75%) of survey respondentsalso said they would be more likely to support a candidate for public office who supports a clean energy plan that promotes the diversification and growth of renewable energy sources, like wind, solar and hydropower.

This isn’t the first time Rep. Stefanik has stood up for clean energy solutions in Congress. During her first term, she joined with eleven colleagues to form the House Republican Energy, Innovation and Environmental Working Group. CRES commended Stefanik and the working group’s membership for uniting commonsense, pro-business policies with clean energy reform and environmental conservation. Additionally, Stefanik voted to protect $2 billion of funding for innovative clean energy research within the Department of Energy in 2015. She also co-sponsored the POWER Act, legislation that included critical tax credits to support increased development of wind and solar power.

Throughout her tenure, Rep. Elise Stefanik has proved herself to be a pragmatic leader who benefits of renewable energy technology for her constituents and understands the importance of preserving our clean air and water for future generations of Americans. By continuing the fight in support of this climate resolution, Stefanik has not only adopted former Rep. Gibson’s record of leadership on environmental stewardship, but she is also delivering the clean energy leadership that Americans want and expect from lawmakers in Washington.

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