Governor Rauner Enacts Free-Market Clean Energy Reform For Illinois

With a Master’s in Business Administration and a 30-year career in business, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner (R) knows how to implement market-driven policy objectives to strengthen the economy. After just two years in office, Governor Rauner’s understanding of the symbiotic relationship between fiscal objectives and clean energy policies has helped him enact reform that both preserves natural resources and stimulates the growth of an advanced energy economy.

In December 2016, Governor Rauner signed the Future Energy Jobs Bill into law, expanding clean energy production and saving thousands of local jobs by improving the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard. Upon signing the bill, Governor Bruce Rauner stated:
“The bipartisan legislation ensures the Quad Cities and Clinton power facilities remain open for another 10 years, saving thousands of good-paying jobs, while protecting working families, seniors, and thousands of other high-quality, good-paying jobs throughout the state by capping residential and business energy rates…[The law] also promotes unprecedented wind and solar expansion and preserves zero-emission generation, maintaining Illinois’ status in leading the nation in zero-carbon generation.”

The original version of the bill, proposed by the state legislature, would have skyrocketed energy bills for consumers and cost Illinois 7,800 jobs and $1.8 billion in economic activity. Governor Rauner’s reforms will save jobs, guarantee that energy prices cannot increase more than 25 cents for Illinois residents and will lead billions of dollars of private investment into wind and solar energy.

Thanks to Governor Rauner’s leadership, Illinois can build on its record of success as a leader in energy efficiency. His commitment to free-market, clean energy solutions are critical to developing innovative, renewable technology that bolster the economy, grow local jobs, and preserve a clean energy legacy for generations to come.

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