CRES Collaborates with Local Partners for New Hampshire Energy Week

By: Sarah Stewart

This week, Citizens For Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES) is partnering with leading New Hampshire energy and business organizations to launch NH Energy Week. Through a series of events, NH Energy Week will convene citizens, policy makers, manufacturers, municipal leaders and the energy industry to showcase the state’s progress in enacting market-based, clean energy policies.

It is fitting for the Granite State to host such an event. For New Hampshirites, it’s not uncommon to discuss matters of policy in living rooms, diners, country stores and town halls. Given the state’s notable civic engagement and commitment to promoting renewable energy reform, it makes sense for our state to come together to both celebrate success and also look ahead to future endeavors in the energy economy.

With Granite State spirit on both the state and national level, CRES has created a grassroots movement to support bipartisan legislation that will help to preserve the environment, grant the United States energy independence and grow the economy. Although a national organization, CRES has focused much of its efforts on encouraging responsible leadership from New Hampshire lawmakers.

Last fall, CRES placed a $450,000 ad buy in local markets, featuring prominent state leaders and activists who emphasized the importance of instilling the principles of stewardship and conservation, as well as job creation and innovation, into environmental legislation. Earlier this year, CRES recognized New Hampshire’s 82nd Governor Chris Sununu, applauding his commitment to establishing a long-term energy plan, which will protect taxpayers, reduce regulations and burdens on innovators and create a sustainable energy-economy for state residents to enjoy for years to come. Additionally, CRES revealed in a recent poll that 80% of NH Republican voters believe that energy policy, specifically the exploration and development of both traditional and renewable energy sources, should be a very or somewhat high priority.

CRES is committed to continuing our efforts to promote clean energy solutions that grow the economy, create jobs, and preserve natural resources in the Granite State. This week, we look forward to coming together with our NH Energy Week partners to engage and educate leaders across the state, and showcase the many ways New Hampshire is already making progress towards a commonsense, consumer-friendly, clean energy future.

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