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There has been a lot of talk about our nation's energy future and the solutions that will meet demand. It has become a highly politicized issue with more time being spent by our elected officials arguing rather than focusing on what we all care about – basic good stewardship, the importance of clean water and air, and a sustainable energy plan that reduces our dependence on hostile nations and secures our energy sources for the future.

America can lead the world in developing comprehensive and responsible energy solutions that can reduce pollution, improve public health, secure our energy future and grow our economy. Private and public investment into new technologies can have tremendous benefit to our economy, environment, global competitiveness and ultimately, national security and independence.

As Americans we know our country works best when we work together. Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions is a grassroots campaign to move legislators to a bipartisan, common sense approach to address our nation's need for reliable energy. It’s time to stop arguing and start working together for a better future that is based on our common values:

  1. It is time for America to become the leader in innovative, new energy technologies.

  2. Energy policy has become an unnecessarily politicized issue. It’s time for elected officials on both sides of the aisle to stop arguing and work together for a better future.

  3. Common sense energy solutions have a role to play in lowering gas prices, restoring jobs and stabilizing our economy.

  4. Private enterprise drives innovation and public investment in new technologies drives our economy.

  5. America should scale back dependence on oil from hostile nations and keep more of our tax dollars at home.

  6. Acting as responsible stewards of God's creation ensures a legacy of a clean and safe environment for future generations.

While our business and political leaders have made some progress, it has not been enough to secure America’s energy future. There are opportunities that can provide large pay-offs for reasonable investments. As private citizens, we can do what we can to be responsible stewards of the environment. Private enterprise should take the lead on innovation and bringing new technologies to market. And, government can provide incentives to quicken the process, while adapting basic environmental regulations to protect public health while reducing burdens on innovation.


Our Team

James Dozier Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions"Americans know that our country works best when we work together. We want to see our leaders in Washington come together on common sense solutions that will address our nation's energy needs and stop arguing about the things that divide them. These solutions are rooted in our common beliefs that it is time to end our reliance on oil from hostile nations, improve energy efficiency, ensure we leave a legacy of clean air and water for future generations and investing in renewable energy jobs that will strengthen our economy. It's time to build a new American energy economy."

- James Dozier, Executive Director, jdozier@citizensfor.com
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